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Pepitos blog is looking for some fresh stories and contributions.

We share our knowledge and experiences with you, but we also want to hear from you.

Who can contribute their stories?

Anyone who feels that their experience can help our readers have a better experience with mobile casino games. If you tried out new games, tell us how they play and if you encountered any problems. If you experimented with different mobile devices to see which works best, let us know.

How does it work?

Send us an email with a short description of what you want to write about or share. We will then let you know if it is within the range of topics that we can publish as well as when it needs to be submitted. We will also give you a word count and document format to help you stick to the blog specifications.

Do I have to be a good writer?

Your writing should be clear and easy to understand, but you do not need to be an excellent writer. Our in-house editors will get your story print-ready, so don’t worry about that. You mustn’t use profanity or make any offensive type of remarks. If we find any of these elements, your story will be rejected.

We look forward to hearing from you!